Safe Servicing and Maintenance

Safes are designed to keep out unauthorized persons, but provide access to authorized users. There is a high level of precision required to allow this to occur, whether it be by the locking device or the moving components inside the safe. As a result, it is necessary to ensure smooth and correct operation before an issue arises that could potentially cause you to be locked out.

Regular monitoring and servicing of safes will prevent the need to pay for costly opening caused by lock or component failure. By being aware of the correct operation and arranging a service before an issue becomes a problem, you can save money and unnecessary disruption in the long term.

Safe Central offers a full diagnostic, servicing and maintenance service to all makes of safes both on-site or in our workshop.

Fix it before it becomes an issue.

Preventative maintence is the best solution to any problem, and safes are no different. Many people have the perception that becuase safes are robust and strong, they are meant to feel heavy and clunky, but often, difficulty in operating the safe is a sign that it is need of a service. Locks need batteries and some need lubrication. Hinges and moving metal parts need grease and adjustment periodically. Code changing and updating is good practise for effective security. All of these things are taken care as part of our safe servicing schedules.

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