Professional safe installation service

It is vital that safes get properly installed to maximize the security the safe will offer. It doesn’t matter how hard the safe is to open, if the safe can be removed from the property, it will allow the attacker to spend as much time as they want opening the safe at another location.

Whether securing into concrete, brick, steel or timber, it is important to ensure the correct type of fixings are used and the correct process is followed to effectively anchor the safe to the structure.

Our police-licensed and experienced safe installers can deliver, install and relocate safes of all sizes, throughout Perth and Western Australia.

Commercial safe installation

Safe Central are specialists in the supply, delivery, installation and relocation of even the heaviest of business and commercial safes.

From compact cash deposit safes, up to 3 tonne bank safes, our specialist team can facilitate the entire process from start to finish, ensuring the job is done correctly and safely.

Many commercial properties will have safety, regulatory and building process requirements in order to carry out a safe installation. Our team can help to complete the process in accordance with these requirements, ensuring your business is secured properly and on time. We can even attend site outside of business trading hours if required to ensure minimal disruption.

Safe Central are also specialists in electronic safe locks that will enable to you to implement the best possible safe access management lock system for your business, whether it be though multi-user locks, IP controlled locking systems or software auditing. Our team can also provide the relevant product training after installation to ensure seamless security integration.

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Home safe installation

Safe Central specialise in the supply, delivery and installation of home safes in Perth. Our installers are professionally trained in safe moving and installation as well as being police-licensed to provide confidence in your personal security. Our service vehicles are unmarked so as to provide a discreet installation service for complete peace of mind.

Our typical home safe installation will take around 1-1.5hrs from start to finish, including setup, positioning, installation, clean-up and a tutorial on how to use your new home safe.

Most home safes get installed through the bottom into the concrete floor for maximum holding strength, however we can even customise your safe to allow a more convenient 'rear fixing' installation (pictured left) for situations where floor mounting is not suitable.

Let us help you add peace of mind to your home security by installing a high-security safe into your home.

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Gun safe installation

Need a gun safe installed in Perth? Safe Central specialise in the correct installation of rifle safes and pistol safes in Perth, compliant with the WA Firearm Storage Regulations.

Our installers will install your gun safe with even more strength than the regulations to make sure the you are exceeding what is required for safe storage of firearms in Western Australia.

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Drug/pharmacy safe installation

Drug safes are required to be installed in accordance with the relevant State and Territory regulations. In Western Australia, the Department of Health determines the type of safe and installation methods that must be used to secure prescribed drugs of dependence in pharmacies and medical facilities.

Safe Central can supply and install compliant pharmaceutical and drug safes that will exceed the regulatory requirements to controlled substances.

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In-floor safe installation

Out of sight, out of mind.

That is the idea of a below ground, or in-floor safe. Our installers can install a safe into a new or existing home slab to provide a secure underground safe for use in your own home or business premises.
Floor safes are generally less convenient than above ground safes, so they are usually advised for securing valuables longer-term, as opposed to items that may be used on a day-to-day basis.

Our installers can remove the concrete and rubble, then install the safe by concreting it back into the floor, providing a discreet and secure location for domestic of commercial valuables storage.

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