Quality residential and commercial safes and products for sale in Perth.

Over 35 years of security industry experience and expertise.

Since 2008, our team at Safe Central has provided quality security safes and products for the residential and commercial markets across Perth. Owned by lock and safe specialists with over 35 years of industry experience, our team knows which are the most durable and secure safes required for private and industrial use. All of our products are assembled by specialised staff who work together to provide you with the best products and services.

Each industry has specific requirements, which is why our wide range of safes are suitable for various industrial and residential security requirements. From documents, cash and jewellery, through to electronics, firearms and chemicals, your valuables are protected by our products. Our safes are rated on:

  • Burglary resistance (or security level)
  • Resistance
  • Fire-resistance
  • Lock type
  • Internal fittings

Each safe has been carefully vetted by our experienced team, so you can rest assured that we have what you need. Our range of safes include:

  • Domestic safes
  • Commercial safes
  • Specialist safes
  • Locksmith products
  • Electronic security products
  • Pharmaceutical safes
  • Firearm safes

As a leading supplier of top-of-the-range safes, our team at Safe Central will determine which premium products are best suited for your security needs. Our safes and locks are sourced from globally recognised brands, and are available for sale in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Once you’ve selected the safe you want, we can arrange for one of our engineers to visit you onsite and assist with the installation. We stock Dominator Safes that are fitted with respected safe locking mechanism brands. Using quality Australian, US and German components, these safes are assembled and quality checked at our facilities right here in Perth.

Installation Services

Naturally, you want a team of professionals who are certified, qualified and – first and foremost – trustworthy. Our team of engineers are police checked, accredited and licensed to undertake installation services of all of our products, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your new safe is correctly installed. Our team will visit your home or office and assess the space where you wish to install the safe. If there are no concerns, they will go ahead with the installation. If your designated area is not ideal for installation, we will advise you accordingly.

Floor Safes

Designed to be mounted under your floor, they are ideal to keep your valuables safe from would-be intruders. We can install your safe in a variety of different floors including wood and concrete, where they will be concealed from sight, but easily accessible to you.

Digital Safe

Digital safes have electronic locks. These safes are used in hotels, businesses, banks and homes beca