Safe opening

Safe opening is a very specialised and restricted skill as it generally involves the security and storage of the most valuable and sensitive items. Safe technicians must be police-licensed, and must achieve a trade qualification in locksmithing in order to meet the requirements for the relevant license. Safe Central is a registered security agent with multiple police licensed specialist technicians to provide a complete safe opening and recommisioning service for all types of safes.
We have all of the latest technology in safe opening tools and equipment to enable us to provide the most effective safe opening service in Perth.

Can safes be cracked?

In short. Yes.
Every safe can be opened, it is just a matter of how, and by whom. In the vast majority of applications, safes are installed to prevent forced entry attacks. Our police-licensed technicians are specially trained to open safes in a strategic way with minimal destruction to enable us to open, repair and recommission the safe ready for use again.

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The latest technology in safe opening and maintenance.

Safe Central has the latest technology available to the safe industry. We are consistently updating our equipment to ensure we can service all major brands of safe lock, regardless which brand of safe the lock is fitted to. We can use advanced opening techniques to open safes using non-destructive methods to ensure that we can get your safe up and running again with minimal disruption. We service Chubb Safes, CMI Safes, Dominator Safes and all other major brands making your experience as smooth as possible.

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