Simple and effective. Key operated safe locks allow a simplistic method of opening a safe as there are minimal moving components that needs to function to allow the lock to open. It is extremely important to note that not all key locks are equal in the level of security they offer. Many cheap safes will utilize imported or inferior key locks that are able to be easily manipulated or picked open, allowing entry to the safe. High security key locks, such as those made by K.J Ross in Victoria, provide exceptional precision and security, which translates to an effective and reliable key locking solution. There are many different types of key locks that are commonly adapted to safes, however all safes sold through Safe Central will use only the highest security models and brands. When considering a key lock on your safe, think about the way you will handle the key, whether it requires carrying it around at all times, or if you will need to pass the key between users to allow access. Due to the thickness of the safe door, safe keys can be required to be up to 200-300mm in length and may not be easily carried. Also, it can be difficult to control the number of keys in existence as duplicate keys can be produced.

Ross 102 series safe key lock

The Ross 102 key lock is a high security entry level key lock, used only on unique mounting safes that will not require retrofit to combination or electronic locks. It is a cost effective solution to basic function requirements that still require high quality locking components.
  • 46,000 different key combinations
  • Weld on mounting configuration
  • In-built anti-pick and anti-impression components
  • 6 lever high security design
  • Tested to over 100,000 operations

Ross 600 series safe key lock

Ross’ 600 series is the next step form the 102 series, offering more versatility and security through the additional key configurations and larger body size. Available in screw fix and weld fix designs, the 600 series is a dedicated high security safe key lock, suitable for firearm, pharmaceutical and other unique applications.
  • 6 lever high security design
  • 1 million key combinations
  • Weld or screw fixing versatility
  • Variable key lengths to suit different safe doors
  • Optional handing and dual control configurations

Ross 700 series safe key lock

The Ross 700 series is the first ‘retrofit’ key lock design on the Australian market. The body shape and compact key design allows easy conversion to and from key lock to either mechanical or electronic combination locks. This versatility makes it the most practical solution to producing universal safe designs that can easily be configured into any locking system.
  • 9 lever high security design
  • 9 million possible key combinations
  • Anti-pick dual bitted key design
  • Key retaining function
  • Variable key lengths for different safe doors