Mechanical combination locks

Mechanical combination locks, or dial combination locks, are a time tested and reliable form of keyless security on safes, providing only a reputable and reliable brand, and model is used. Good quality combination locks will have parts engineered to ensure accuracy and in turn security, by making it difficult to manipulate the lock to open.

Combination dial safe locks are available in 3 wheel or 4 wheel configurations. The number of wheels directly relates to the amount of numbers in the code used to unlock the safe. A 3 wheel, or 3 number combination lock will have 1 million possible number combinations, with 800,000 useable combinations. A 4 wheel combination lock will have 100 million possible number combinations with 80 million useable combinations.

Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G) and LaGard are the 2 most prominent brands of mechanical combination safe locks, both of whom have been producing safe locks for decades. Dominator Safes also use the more recent ‘Red Series’ combination safe locks which are very well made and offer the same features and functions as the LaGard and S&G equivalents.


LaGard Group 2 mechanical combination safe lock

LaGard have been producing quality safe locks for decades and the Group 2 mechanical combination safe lock has been around since the beginning with various improvements along the way. The lock is designed with precision engineered components to ensure accuracy, reliability and security at all times and utilizes the internationally recognized footprint to ensure adaptability to all types of safes.

  • 800,000 different usable combinations
  • Precision components ensuring reliability and consistency
  • Internal anti-tamper relocking function
  • Universal mounting template
  • Multiple dial options


S&G 4 wheel mechanical combination safe lock

Sargent and Greenleaf have been producing combination dial safe locks since the 1850s and have long been a market leader in this area. The products have constantly evolved over the years with advancements in technology, improving accuracy and materials used, ensuring the highest quality locking devices every time.

  • 80 million usable combinations
  • Various dial design for different applications
  • Anti-tamper relocking device
  • Universal mounting template
  • Highest security accuracy and tolerances


Red Series Group 2m mechanical combination safe lock

The Red series, or Big Red mechanical combination safe lock is a much more recently produced design that includes patented deadlock technology within the lock body. Utilising the same functions and features of traditional combination locks, the red series is also produced with manipulation resistant components to help prevent unauthorized opening.

  • 800,000 usable combinations
  • Manipulation resistant components
  • Identifiable red anodized components
  • Universal mounting template
  • Patented deadlock technology