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The brand new GC-4 firearm cabinet joins the GC-5 in being the ultimate protection against fire and theft for firearms and valuables.

Utilising the design of the DS Series commercial safe to provide exceptional security for both firearms and valuables.

With the flexibility to allow simple conversion to key, mechanical combination or electronic digital safe locks, you can find a balance between effective security and ease of use for all applications.


  • Designed to exceed all State and Territory firearm storage regulations
  • 105 minute CNS Certified fire rating
  • 100mm steel and concrete door and 40mm steel and concrete filled body
  • Multi direction solid steel bolt work comprising 12 locking bolts
  • Highest quality Italian Tecnosicurezza electronic or group 2 rated mechanical combination locking system fitted as standard
  • Shaped adjustable barrel support shelf for up to 10 large rifles or 16 small rifles & pistols
  • Pre fabricated bolt down installation provisions
  • Optional, internal or external lockable ammunition storage compartment
  • Case mounted relocking device to prevent punch type attacks
  • Dual Glass relocking devices to prevent drilling attacks

Compliance with State and Territory firearms storage requirements:

ACT – Category A, B, C, D and H
NSW – Category A, B, C, D and H
NT – Category A, B, C, D and H
QLD – Category A, B, C, D, H and R
SA – Category A, B, C, D and H
TAS – Category A, B, C, D and H
VIC – Category A, B, C, D and H
WA – Category A, B, C, E and H

Some State and Territories have additional storage and security requirements for different firearm types and for increased quantities. You should read further to ensure your storage container is compliant.

For additional information you can follow the links below:
ACT – ACT Firearms Storage Information
NSW – NSW Firearms Storage Information
NT – NT Firearms Storage Information
QLD – QLD Firearms Storage Information
SA – SA Firearms Storage Information
TAS – TAS Firearms Storage Information
VIC – VIC Firearms Storage Information
WA – WA Firearms Storage Information

Firearms storage compliance information is provided only as a guide. You should make your own enquiries with the relevant State/Territory authority to confirm the current regulations for your applications.

External Dimensions (mm): 1500 x 560 x 510 (Depth dimensions do not include lock and handle. Please allow 50mm additional or check with dealer prior to order)

Internal Dimensions (mm): 1420 x 485 x 325

Approx Weight (kg): 310

Cash Rating: $60,000

Estimated delivery