Electronic Safe locks

Electronic safe locks are by far the most requested and used safe locks in recent times. The simplicity of operation they provide makes it easy and quick for the user to access their safe, without making it any easier for unauthorized access. High security electronic locks, such as the American manufactured LaGard and S&G locks, or the Australian made Ross locks, are available in multiple variations to provide as many or as few programming features as required, allowing cost effective and functional safe operation.

While often referred to as ‘digital locks’, many electronic safe locks actually use analogue signals to send voltages via the keypad, to the internal lock body which determines when a correct voltage sequence has been entered. This process ensures that even by tampering with the keypad, the correct code, or voltage sequence, is always required in order to activate the safe lock.

As technology progresses, more and more options become available to the industry. Electronic safe locks are able to provide dozens of useful features to enable efficient use, including dual user mode, time delay, audit trail recording and even Bluetooth control.

Safe Central only use the most reliable, efficient and secure electronic safe locks to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind. Download our user guides and instructions for a more detailed description on how these locks work.


LaGard Basic series electronic safe lock

The term ‘Basic’ refers to the programming features incorporated into the lock and by no means indicates a lower level of security offered by the lock itself. The LaGard basic series is the most commonly used electronic safe lock dues to its reliability and efficiency. The latest version uses the 4715 entry pad and is easily programmed with 2 opening codes (master and user) as well as a backup reset code.

  • 1 million possible code combination
  • 9v battery powered with easy replacement
  • Anti-manipulation design
  • High security multi action solenoid operation
  • Master, user and reset codes with easy programming


LaGard 39E Combogard electronic safe lock

The 39E includes all the features of the basic series as well as several others, making it more versatile, especially in business and commercial applications. Incorporating multiple different users, reportable recording and access timers, the 39E can solve tricky access control requirements.

  • 9 user codes plus manager code
  • Audit trail recording and reporting
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Dual control mode
  • Silent alarm integration

LaGard 66E Auditgard electronic safe lock

The 66E Auditgard electronic safe lock incorporates dual security with the use of Dallas Key integration as well as details audit trail recording. Adaptable to all universal template safe designs, the 66E is an effective solution to more controlled environments where high security is a must.

  • 9 user codes plus manager code
  • Code and e-key dual security capability
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Silent alarm integration
  • Dual control mode


LaGard Smartgard electronic safe lock

The most complete of the LaGard electronic safe lock range, the Smartgard incorporates timer programmed access control to allow complete open schedules to be preset. In addition to all of the audit, time delay and multi user functionality, the Smartgard provides class leading versatility though integration with multiple locking devices from a single module.

  • 98 users plus manager codes
  • 4000 event audit trail recording
  • Multi devices adaptation
  • Time delay and time lock scheduling
  • Silent and duress alarm integration


Ross 1000 electronic safe lock

The Australian made Ross 1000 electronic is the entry level model in their product range, providing 2 users functionality and simple maintenance and operation.

  • 2 user codes
  • Stainless steel lock case
  • Universal mounting template
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Australian Made


Ross 1000 Biometric electronic safe lock

Expanding on the basic 1000 series, the 1000 BIO provides fingerprint access for up to 30 users, eliminating the ability for codes to be acquired surreptitiously. Ideal for situations where users may find it difficult to retain codes or where prevention of code-spying is essential.

  • Up to 30 fingerprint records
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • 10 digit override code
  • Simple battery change procedure
  • High security biometric technology


Ross 1000 Bluetooth electronic safe lock

Keeping up with the progressing technology, the Ross 1000 BLE is a Bluetooth integrated lock, allowing users to securely send access authorization via encrypted mobile phone communications. Unique sending and security coding ensures the inability to hack or bypass.

  • Unique ‘no entry pad’ configuration
  • Advanced security encryption
  • Universal mounting template
  • Australian design and technology
  • Smartphone compatibility


S&G Spartan electronic safe lock

S&G’s new electronic safe lock series begins with the simple to use Spartan. The availability of pivot bolt and d-drive, as well as the universal mounting design allows for easy conversion to all safe types.

  • Motor blocking internal functionality
  • Dual user and unique management reset code
  • Unique cable protection installation
  • Easy battery change and programming
  • Multiple function options


S&G Titan electronic safe lock

Expanding on the features and functions of the Spartan range, the S&G Titan offers multiple user codes, time delay codes and master codes, providing sustainable access control while still offering the simplicity of day to day operation.

  • 7 users, master and time delay codes
  • Dual control function
  • Wrong code penalty timer
  • Universal mounting template
  • Multiple code entry patterns


S&G Audit electronic safe lock

When reporting of access is essential, the S&G Audit safe lock provides simple and reliable audit trail retrieval via USB integration. Using keypad entries, users can easily acquire 1000 events from recordings of opening and programming changes.

  • Master, Supervisor and up to 20 user codes
  • Field programming with simple user functionality
  • Easy battery change and configuration
  • USB audit retrieval
  • Encrypted audit file logs